May 27, 2024


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Amy Robach’s Dirty Little Secret Revealed

Amy Robach’s Dirty Little Secret Revealed

Amy Robach, a reporter for ABC and the wife of Andrew Shue, might be hiding something serious at the moment. The secret may lead to two divorces. Amy Robach has deactivated her Instagram, account after the news of her went viral. She is having an affair with her coworker.

Is Amy Robach Fooling Around With Coworker?

The big news disclosed many little dirty secrets. There is a source saying that the paparazzi revealed that Robach and co-worker T.J.Homles might be having an affair. Amy Robach and T.j.Holmes are co-workers at ABC news, a close source revealed that they started to know each other after the half marathon in new york city in march. There is a possibility of their romance begins then.

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And fans have scrutinized Robach’s Instagram account and come to the realization that Amy hasn’t been wearing the wedding ring and stopped posting pictures of her husband with him and of him. Amy Robach has been married to Andrew Shue since 2010 and does not have any children together. It took much time to figure out they were not happy, and this might be the reason for her, she is attached to T.J. Holmes. T.J. Holmes is also married to Marilee Fiebig and has a child together.

A source claims they were always alert of their relationship has been successful till now to keep their relationship private, as it is out now everyone is in shock, and workplace people are still processing the whole thing.

The paparazzi noticed Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes being cozy with each other in new york city and got many shots of their private moment. The couple separated from their husband and wife in august and did everything to hide their relationship. Even before the news burst both of them had already deactivated their account.