April 13, 2024


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Why & When to Audit Your HubSpot Workflows: Part Three

Why & When to Audit Your HubSpot Workflows: Part Three

HubSpot workflows are excellent for automating mundane responsibilities. And though they are mostly a established-it-and-forget-it approach, it’s critical to audit them from time to time or when your corporation goes via significant modifications.

In Portion 1 of this series, we discussed the worth of adding advertising automation to your marketing strategy. In Aspect 2, we shared some of our beloved workflow concepts.

In Portion 3, we’ll speak about the relevance of auditing your workflows and when you need to have to review them.

How You Should Audit Your HubSpot Workflows

Auditing your workflows is just as critical as building them in the 1st location. Why? Since matters transform. Your shoppers modify, your solutions alter, your organization adjustments, and you want to make guaranteed your workflows replicate this.

How to audit your workflows:

Export Workflows to a Google or Excel Spreadsheet

Start out by seeking at all of your workflows in one location. Viewing them in Excel or Google allows you make notes, highlight, or mark off the ones you have reviewed so you really do not get confused (which can happen if you have a ton!).

Make a “Clean Up” Column in Your Spreadsheet

With these columns, you can mark what workflows want even further evaluation. You can also make filters or labels such as Lively, Unused, and Unwanted.

Get Get-in From Your Team

Right before you deem anything at all unnecessary or unused, get with your crew to consider and determine out who manufactured it, why it was manufactured, whether or not it need to be trashed, or if you can make changes to make it profitable yet again.

Delete the Unwanted Ones

If you haven’t employed a workflow for extra than six months and no a single in your organization requirements it, then it is risk-free to delete it. Your portal will be simpler to navigate if you only have what you have to have. If you do assume you are going to use any workflow yet again, mark them as inactive.

Arrange Your Remaining Workflows

When likely via your workflows, fork out particular attention to your naming conference. Is it normal or out of manage? If it’s the second, obtain your group to produce a naming conference that operates for absolutely everyone. Consider to involve a persona, a matter, and a aim. No matter what you land on wants to make sense all over your organization, so everyone’s on the exact website page.

When to Audit Your HubSpot Workflows

It’s a superior idea to revisit your workflows when your firm goes by a massive transition. With a big inflow of employees, variations, or the two, procedures are bound to shuffle. Do not drop any of your difficult work in the limbo of it all.

Major variations include:

  • Sale or acquisition
  • New product or service launch
  • Rebranding
  • Item/support sunset
  • Organizational restructuring

Audit HubSpot Workflows to Preserve Performance

It is simple to established and ignore everyday tasks with marketing and advertising automation tools, but never ignore to examine in on them just about every now and then. You could have a workflow no one particular utilizes or (gasp!) one particular that decreases purchaser gratification. 

Have so quite a few workflows that you’re not even absolutely sure the place to get started? Our onboarding workforce can help you wade via the sounds and even obtain new workflows that function harder for you. Get commenced currently.

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