June 17, 2024


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Putting the ‘Digital Version of You’ to work

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Who’s bought the superior work ethic in your business…

You’ (ie. in serious daily life) or the ‘digital edition of you’ (ie. online)?

I posed this issue at the recent AREC meeting.

If most of your prospecting, marketing and lead technology action is performed in “real life” and in “real time” by “you” (ie. in facial area to experience or Zoom meetings or on the cellphone) then you are leaving a huge chance on the table.

Mainly because the ‘digital edition of you’ can be performing the lion’s share of the large lifting and cost-free you up for the for large-value stuff!

If there’s no ‘digital variation of you’ then when you are not working, nothing is taking place.

How do I build ‘digital you’?
If you can acquire the IP, know-how and insights from your head and package deal them up as content like movies, studies, e mail series, paperwork and content articles, then the ‘digital model of you’ is unleashed to work 24/7 even when you are on holiday break, asleep or expending time with family.

**For the file, “real time, actual life” enter from the serious you is incredibly important in particular when it arrives to closing offers and developing personal connections. So help you save that cherished time for the high-worth, superior-stakes interactions!

If “digital you” doesn’t exist or is not pulling its excess weight, you are producing it substantially more difficult for you, and your possible clients to get to know, like and rely on you.

“Digital you” has the potential to outwork the “real everyday living you”.

As well as ‘digital you’ will help you in so a lot of methods, so I persuade you to contemplate how you can:

unpack your IP, know-how and insights and
bundle it up so that it supports your marketing, guide gen and revenue initiatives.

Transform your IP and know-how into digital assets like:

Movies, webinar recordings, proposal walk throughs, article content, templates, e-mail series, teaching programs and so forth.
Each individual digital asset you make is an opportunity to set “digital you” to work!

I’m curious does this concept resonate with you?
(Remember to let me know in the opinions)


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