April 24, 2024


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Twitter Introduces NFT Profile Pictures

Twitter Introduces NFT Profile Pictures

Elon Musk is continuing his overhaul of Twitter by introducing the skill to use an NFT as a profile photo.

Twitter Introduces NFT Profile Images

By using an NFT as a profile photo, people today will be ready affiliate a Twitter account with the community crypto wallet tackle of the account owner. The NFT profile photograph will look in a hexagonal condition.

twitter introduces nft profile pictures

NFT Twitter Profile Pics for Enterprise

Any firms who use crypto or NFTs in their functions now have yet another way to industry their goods and providers. At the moment, Twitter users can only set an NFT as their profile picture working with an iOS or Android smartphone through the Twitter app. However, the hexagon-shaped NFT profile image can still be noticed across all platforms.

Crypto Wallet Transactions

By way of the Twitter Aid website, Twitter discussed: “We’re adding NFTs as a single of various ways to customize your Twitter profile so you can exhibit off the NFTs you own in a hex-formed profile picture on your Twitter account.

“Setting up an NFT profile photo indicates persons can affiliate your Twitter account with your linked wallet’s community crypto wallet tackle. This signifies your Twitter account will be linked with your present and historical crypto wallet transactions and holdings, like all other NFTs in that wallet, because this info is all obtainable on the community blockchain.”

Twitter also gave assurances that they will under no circumstances request cash from anyone’s crypto wallet. They urge people to remain vigilant, however, and to look at all incoming requests to their wallets and reject any transfer requests except if it is a regarded transaction.

Twitter added: “Twitter will in no way request your non-public key or seed phrase, and you must never ever share your personal keys or seed phrases anyplace, including on Twitter.”

What are NFTs?

If you are a minor out of the loop, then NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token, and they are exclusive digital items such as artwork. They come with a proof of possession stored on a blockchain, which is a publicly accessible digital database.

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